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Water park in Sicily: A journey between fun and relaxation

Water park in Sicily: A journey between fun and relaxation

Dear friends, welcome to a new exciting post on our travel blog! Today we will take you on a journey through the wonders of the island of the sun, the beautiful Sicily, exploring its fantastic water parks! Get ready to dive into a world of fun, adrenaline, and relaxation, as we show you some of the most spectacular aquatic destinations this enchanting island has to offer.

Imagine sliding down breathtaking slides, swimming in crystal-clear pools, and being lulled by the slow rhythm of lazy rivers, all while enjoying the view of green hills, golden beaches, and picturesque Sicilian villages. This is what awaits you in the magical water parks of Sicily, places where adventure, fun, and the beauty of nature meet to give you unforgettable experiences.

In today's post, we will introduce you to a selection of the best aquatic destinations in Sicily, such as the thrilling Etnaland at the foot of the majestic Mount Etna, the charming Acqua Verde in Cefalù, and the enchanting Acquapark of Cammarata near the namesake nature reserve. We will provide you with all the details and tips you'll need to plan an unforgettable visit to these havens of freshness and joy.

So, get your swimsuits and flip-flops ready, because Sicily awaits you with its spectacular water attractions, ready to offer you days of pure fun and moments of relaxation with family or friends. Keep reading our post to find out everything there is to know about Sicilian water parks and get inspired for your next summer adventure!

etnaland  waterpark

Etnaland Acquapark

Etnaland is an exciting water park located in Belpasso, at the foothills of the imposing Mount Etna. Opened in 2001, the water park spans an area of over 280,000 square meters and offers a wide range of attractions and activities to enjoy with family or friends.

Etnaland combines the thrill of aquatic adventures with the charm of Sicilian nature and the captivating local culture. Guests can enjoy numerous water slides, pools, children's play areas, and relaxation zones. Among the main attractions are the Kamikaze slide, the Jungle Splash lazy river, and the massive wave pool.

In addition to the aquatic attractions, Etnaland also features a themed amusement park, the Prehistoric Park, which allows visitors to explore the era of dinosaurs through life-sized reproductions and realistic settings.

With such a rich array of activities and entertainment, Etnaland is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Sicily, ensuring fun and unforgettable adventures for people of all ages.

  • Address: Contrada Agnelleria, 95032 Belpasso CT

  • Phone: +39 095 791 4752

  • Website:

  • How to get there: From Catania, take the AST (Azienda Siciliana Trasporti) bus 457 heading towards Paternò/Belpasso.

  • Hours: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM (July - September)

  • Prices: Adults €29, Children (1-1.40m) €19, Under 1m free

  • Must-see attractions: Jungle Splash, Kamikaze, Crocodile Rapids

  • Dining: Pizzeria, Grill, Ice Cream Parlor, Bar

water park Conte in sommatino sicily

Acquapark Conte

The Acquapark Conte in Sommatino is a vibrant and colorful water park nestled in the heart of the Sicilian countryside. This enchanting park provides a fun and relaxing experience for families, groups of friends, and travelers of all ages. Acquapark Conte sprawls over a vast green area, boasting a variety of water attractions that cater to both thrill-seekers and those looking for a relaxing day. Among the major attractions of the park are adrenaline-pumping slides like the Kamikaze, as well as calmer areas like the large lagoon.

For the younger visitors, the park offers safe and age-appropriate play areas where children can enjoy themselves and socialize in a controlled environment. Additionally, Acquapark Conte features green areas for relaxation and picnics, as well as refreshment points and snack bars to cater to the needs of every visitor.

Acquapark Conte is an oasis of fun and well-being in the heart of Sicily, offering an unforgettable experience for all those seeking a rejuvenating break from the Sicilian summer heat.

  • Address: Contrada Piano Conte, 93019 Sommatino (CL)

  • Phone: +39 0922 873249

  • Website:

  • How to get there: The directions provided in the text regarding reaching the park from Messina by train and then bus do not align with the available information. According to the park's official site, visitors can arrive by car from different parts of Sicily or by bus via Sais Trasporti, with further inquiries directed to the transportation company's ticket office at 091 7041211.

  • Hours: 09:30 - 18:30 (Every day in the summer season).

  • Prices: Various sources indicate different prices, for example, €16 for adults and €10 for children for a full day, with afternoon entry priced at €11 for adults and €7 for children. Children under 1 meter in height enter for free. Another source from the summer of 2022 indicates full-day prices of €12 for adults and €7 for children, with afternoon entry at €8 and €6 respectively. The official website mentions different rates for adults and children based on height, with special rates for certain categories of visitors but doesn't provide the exact pricing.

  • Must-see Attractions: Toboga, Kamikaze, Wave Pool

  • Food and Beverage: Self-service restaurant, Bar, Ice cream parlor

waterparks in cefalu

Acqua Verde Cefalù

Acqua Verde is a captivating water park situated in Cefalù, a picturesque town on the northern coast of Sicily, Italy. Known for its charming beaches, rich history, and natural beauty, Cefalù provides visitors with a unique experience, and Acqua Verde is a fundamental component of it.

Nestled amidst the stunning Sicilian hills and a stone's throw away from the crystal-clear sea, Acqua Verde spans across a well-maintained area, offering fun and relaxation for all ages. The park features a range of water attractions, including thrilling slides like the Kamikaze and the Twist, a wave pool to simulate the ocean experience, and a children's play area with fountains and safe slides.

For those seeking a quieter experience, Acqua Verde offers numerous relaxation areas, ideal for lounging in the water and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The park also has green spaces for sunbathing, bars, and restaurants to cater to the culinary needs of the visitors.

Acqua Verde in Cefalù is the perfect destination to spend a day full of fun and relaxation, immersed in Sicilian nature and enveloped by the culture and tradition of one of Italy's most charming seaside towns.

  • Address: Contrada Santa Nicola, 90015 Cefalù PA

  • Phone: +39 0921 931 563

  • Website: [](

  • How to get there: From Palermo, take the train towards Messina and get off at Cefalù station, then continue with bus 188 of SAIS Autolinee.

  • Opening hours: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM (June 17 - September 3)

  • Prices: Adults 22€, Children (100-140cm) 16€, Under 100cm free

  • Must-see attractions: Kamikaze, Copacabana Pool, Idrotube

  • Food and Beverage: Self-service restaurant, Bar, Fry shop, Ice cream parlor

waterparks in Palermo sicily

Monreale AcquaPark

The Acquapark in Monreale is an exciting and welcoming water park located near the historical city of Monreale, in Sicily, Italy. Renowned for its majestic cathedral and enchanting old town, Monreale offers visitors a unique blend of culture and entertainment, with the Acquapark being a pivotal part of this experience.

The Acquapark in Monreale sprawls across a green and well-maintained area, featuring a variety of water attractions suitable for all ages and preferences. Among the main attractions, guests can find thrilling slides like the Kamikaze and the Tube, a wave pool to mimic the sea experience, and a children's play area with safe slides and fountains.

The Acquapark in Monreale also has ample green areas for sunbathing, as well as bars and restaurants to savor delicious local and international dishes.

The Acquapark in Monreale is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting this captivating Sicilian city, offering a fun and relaxing experience in a setting immersed in the beauty of nature and rich local history.

  • Address: Via Pezzingoli, 172, 90046 Monreale PA

  • Phone: +39 091 6460246

  • Website: [](

  • How to get there: From Palermo, follow Corso Calatafimi in the opposite direction to the sea, continue on S.S. 186, direction Pioppo. At Km 10+600 turn left and then follow the signs.

waterparks in centre of sicily

AcquaPark Scivolandia

Scivolandia is a fun and adventurous water park located in Cammarata, Sicily, Italy. Nestled among the green hills of inland Sicily, Scivolandia offers a refreshing and engaging experience for families, groups of friends, and visitors of all ages.

The park covers a large area and features a wide range of water attractions, from thrilling slides like the Kamikaze and Multislide to pools of varying sizes suitable for swimmers of all levels. For the little ones, Scivolandia provides a safe and colorful play area with slides designed especially for them, as well as fountains and water games for fun and entertainment.

Those looking for a relaxing day will appreciate the presence of the lazy river, which allows you to enjoy the surrounding landscape and the natural beauty of Sicily. The park also has green areas for sunbathing, as well as bars and dining areas to replenish during the day.

Scivolandia in Cammarata is an ideal destination for those who want to have a fun and rejuvenating experience, away from the crowds of crowded beaches and immersed in the beauty of Sicilian nature.

  • Address: Contrada Scivolandia, 92022 Cammarata AG

  • Phone: +39 0922 957 009

  • Website:

  • How to get there: From Palermo, take bus 122 by Cuffaro towards Cammarata, get off at the "Cammarata Centro" stop, and then take a taxi to reach the park.

  • Opening hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (June - September)

  • Prices: Adults €15, Children (100-140cm) €10, Under 100cm free

  • Must-see attractions: Kamikaze, Wave Pool, Lazy River

  • Dining options: Self-service restaurant, Bar, Pizzeria, Ice Cream Parlor

Sicily offers a wide selection of water parks to suit all tastes, perfect for spending a day filled with fun and relaxation. Each park offers unique attractions, ensuring excitement and thrills for both young and old. Additionally, the variety of restaurants and bars inside the water parks allows you to savor local and international delicacies. All you have to do is pack your swimsuit and beach towel and dive into the adventure!

Remember to always check opening hours and prices on the individual park's website, as they may be subject to seasonal changes or promotions. Have a great time!


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