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About Us

"We are a group of dreamers and passionate travelers who have decided to put our experience and knowledge of Sicily at the service of those who wish to discover the authentic beauty of our wonderful region. With our passion for travel and our love for Sicily, we founded Great Sicily DMC, a new generation tourism company dedicated to offering highly personalized and top-level tour packages."


Great Sicily DMC is a specialist for any ground service in Sicily, focusing on the incoming segment. We are considered one of the best DMCs in Sicily, thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in the world of travel. Sicily is a destination rich in natural, historical, archaeological, and gastronomic beauties, and we, with our in-depth knowledge of the territory, are able to offer top-level tour packages, realized with professionalism, competence, and passion.


We offer customized tours in Sicily, regular departures for groups, themed itineraries, and tailor-made emotional journeys. We also specialize in organizing conventions, incentives, and weddings. Our wide selection of hotel facilities, transport, transfers, multilingual guides, and complementary services allow us to provide suitable solutions to the travel needs of our clients, both for groups and individual travelers.

Our flagship tour, "Sicily Emotions," is just one example of the wide range of proposals we offer. We have classic tours, themed tours, customized tours, luxury tours, wedding tours, and incentive and conference trips in Sicily. All our proposals are strictly "tailor-made" and include history, art, archaeology, literature, and much more. We are at your disposal to ensure an unforgettable travel experience.


Our History

Great Sicily DMC (Business Division of Eurofirst Tours) is a creation born from the fire of passion and the experience of Dennis Albanese, who decided to challenge the pandemic crisis of 2020 to create a new generation company, destined to set a new standard in the Sicilian tourism industry.

With a heart that beats strongly for Sicily and an ever-watchful eye on the latest digital tourism trends, Dennis founded Great Sicily DMC, offering visitors to the region deep and detailed knowledge of the territory, combined with boundless passion for the world of tourism.

His goal is to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience through highly personalized, top-level tour packages, realized with extraordinary professionalism, unparalleled competence, and contagious passion.

Great Sicily DMC is much more than a simple tourism company: it is a dream come true, a unique opportunity to discover the extraordinary beauty of Sicily in an authentic and personalized way, thanks to the expert guidance of Dennis and his team of passionate professionals.



Our vision is to become the reference point for travel experiences in Sicily. We are committed to creating unforgettable experiences for our clients, introducing them to the unique beauty and cultural richness of Sicily. We wanted to create a travel agency that put its guests' emotions at the center, and over time we realized that this also means paying attention to details and the quality of our services.

  • Unique Experience: We offer our clients a personalized and unforgettable tourist experience, with top-level services that meet their specific needs.

  • Authentic Beauty: We are committed to helping visitors discover the authentic beauty of Sicily, through tour packages that showcase the history, culture, and traditions of the region.

  • Passion and Professionalism: Our team of passionate professionals is dedicated to providing tourism services with passion, professionalism, and competence, creating a memorable experience for our clients.

  • Attention to Detail: Our constant attention to detail and the quality of the services offered allows us to consistently exceed our clients' expectations.

  • Trust and Lasting Relationships: We are committed to building a lasting relationship of trust with our clients, always offering them the best of our experience and knowledge of the Sicilian territory.

  • Industry Leader: Our vision is to become the undisputed leader of the Sicilian tourism industry, offering our clients top-quality, innovative, and personalized services.



Dive into the magic of Sicily with Great Sicily DMC. From the breath-taking sandy coasts to the fiery dances of Mount Etna, from culinary adventures to awe-inspiring excursions, we take you on a journey through the island's hidden wonders. Discover our comprehensive booking services and experience Sicily like never before. Explore, dream, discover with Great Sicily DMC


We at Great Sicily DMC are deeply aware of our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment in which we operate. We know that it is our duty to ensure that Sicily continues to be a wonderful and healthy place, both for current and future generations.

That's why we have decided to provide a quality experience that safeguards the natural and cultural values of the region and supports the sustainable development of local communities. We believe that tourism can and should be a factor of progress for the communities in which we operate.

For this reason, we have chosen to prioritize everything that is local. By enhancing the culture, traditions, and local products, we commit to keeping profits within the community, ensuring that the destination continues to exist, and contributing to the prosperity of the local community.

Join us in our mission to preserve and protect Sicily. With your support, we can continue to provide quality tourism services that take into account environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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From Palermo
From Catania

Now, choose where you want to start from!

sicily emotion

"Choose where you want to start the tour from.
We have two available options: the tour that starts from Catania in the Eastern part of Sicily, and the tour that starts from Palermo in the Western part of Sicily.

Whichever your choice, we guarantee you a unique experience discovering the hidden treasures of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean."

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