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The Reserve of the Grotto of Sant'Angelo Muxaro: a treasure of nature and history to discover.

Sant'Angelo Muxaro

The Natural Reserve "Grotto of Sant'Angelo Muxaro" is a true hidden gem in Sicily, which you cannot miss if you are a lover of nature and history. Founded in 2000, this protected area extends over about 21 hectares at the foot of the hill of Sant'Angelo Muxaro, and is characterized by the presence of two distinct areas.

Area A, which constitutes the integral reserve, coincides with the underground development of the cave and, on the surface, with the areas that delimit the main entrance of the cave itself. Here you can admire spectacular crystallizations and shapes that refer to the phenomenon of karst, such as the main column that will leave you breathless. But that's not all: during the journey you will come across sinuous figures, escape chimneys, and small collapsed rooms, which will take you deeper and deeper, until you reach a large pool of water.

But it doesn't end here: the reserve of Sant'Angelo Muxaro also extends to area B, the pre-reserve, which protects part of the watershed that feeds the karst cavity. It is a blind valley dug into the clays underlying the evaporitic deposits, where you can admire other karst cavities, which constitute the complex of the "Water Caves." The flow of water along the riverbed occurs through continuous sinkholes and springs in a fascinating environmental context, characterized by great naturalness.

But not only nature reigns supreme in this magical place. The Grotto of Sant'Angelo is also an important prehistoric archaeological center, where systematic excavations have brought to light ancient human settlements. The tholos caves and tombs (dating back to the VIII and VII century BC) reveal traces of an ancient pre-Hellenic and Greek necropolis. The nature around the karst-origin cave is lush and intense, with the presence of a rich Mediterranean scrub, creating an enchanted environment.

The territory surrounding the Integral Natural Reserve "Grotto of Sant'Angelo Muxaro" is characterized by a great variety of species typical of the hilly and mountainous environments of Sicily, and hosts very interesting fauna, including the marten, the imperial crow, and the Bonelli's eagle. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in close contact with the nature and history of Sicily, you cannot miss a visit to this splendid reserve.

Grabes of sant'angelo muxaro

The town of Sant'Angelo Muxaro is located in the province of Agrigento, in Sicily, and is a hidden gem in the beautiful surrounding countryside. The historic center is characterized by a labyrinth of narrow streets, staircases, and courtyards, all surrounded by ancient walls and stone houses. The town is known for its centuries-old traditions and the hospitality of its people, who will make you feel at home.

archeological museum sant'angelo muxaro

Getting to Sant'Angelo Muxaro is accessible as it's located in the province of Agrigento, Sicily. You can reach the town by car or public transportation (not raccomand). If you're traveling by car, follow the local road signs to Sant'Angelo Muxaro from Agrigento or other nearby cities. Public transportation options may include buses or trains that run to the area, and local taxi services are also available. Once in the town, you can enjoy the beautiful countryside, explore the historic center, and immerse yourself in the local traditions and hospitality. Make sure to plan your visit to the caves in advance, as guided tours may require booking. You can Explore Sant'angelo Muxaro with


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