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The Majestic Telamon of Sicily: A Monumental Rise from the Ruins

the telamone in agrigento sicily

Welcome to our latest post on the blog, where today, we're taking you to the heart of Sicily to witness a historic event that has captivated both locals and visitors alike. The majestic Telamon, a symbol of ancient power and architectural marvel, has finally been restored to its original glory and stands ready to be admired in the Valley of the Temples. Join us as we explore the significance of this colossal figure, the efforts behind its restoration, and what this means for Agrigento, the city of culture.


After centuries of slumber, the Telamon majestically rises, now fully prepared to be admired in its upright position. This towering colossus, nearly 8 meters tall, is a composite of several large statues that once adorned the columns of the renowned Temple of Zeus Olympios, of which only ruins remain today. This morning, the Valley of the Temples hosted a historic moment with the unveiling ceremony of the Telamon, marking the completion of the reassembly of this symbolic representation of Zeus's power. According to mythology, Zeus compelled the defeated giants to eternally support the "weight" of the temple dedicated to him.

"Today is a significant day for Agrigento and for all of Sicily," stated Renato Schifani, president of the Region. This event underscores the regional government's commitment to protecting and enhancing the island's vast artistic and cultural heritage. The Telamon, now presented to the public in its imposing grandeur, stands as a symbol of excellence for Agrigento, the city of culture. However, this occasion should not be seen as a final achievement but as a stimulus for industry professionals to aim higher and do better. It's essential to enhance the appeal and accessibility of our valuable cultural heritage, improve hospitality for people with disabilities, increase offerings for international tourists, and make our gems attractive throughout the year to encourage off-season tourism.

telamone sicily

The Regional Councillor for Cultural Heritage, added that the Telamon will become one of the main attractions of the Valley of the Temples, serving as an international ambassador for this unique archaeological site. A valorization project that includes guided tours, augmented reality, and special lighting for evening visits will allow this magnificent work to be presented to the international community.

Roberto Sciarratta, director of the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples, described the extensive musealization project aimed at enhancing the entire area of the Temple of Zeus, the main element of the sanctuary surrounded by various monuments. Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Palermo and the German Institute, it was possible to display the Telamon in its entirety, in line with the mission of protecting and enhancing the site. Sciarratta also previewed further projects, including a multimedia room with augmented reality and improved access to Hardcastle Square, expanding the cultural and literary offerings during the summer season.

Alessandro Carlino, an architecture historian, emphasized the reversibility of the intervention, which allows for a temporary musealization without compromising the integrity of the materials. This approach enables one to imagine the imposing size of the Temple of Zeus, whose sides were over 30 meters high.

Future tourism initiatives include training for tour guides, the integration of a free app with information about the Telamon and the Olympieion, and the introduction of dedicated merchandising. Special events like workshop-visits for children and projects with students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Agrigento will further enrich the cultural offer, promoting an artistic and educational immersion in the site.

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