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The Colors and Traditions of Sicily's Carnivals

carnival of acireale

The Carnival in Sicily is an explosion of colors, flavors, and traditions that intertwine into a cultural mosaic unique in the world. Every city, from Palermo to Catania, from Messina to Ragusa, offers its interpretation of this celebration, rooted in centuries of history. We invite you to discover with us some of the most fascinating Carnivals of the island, each with its peculiarities and surprises.

The Carnival of Acireale

The Carnival of Acireale is renowned for being one of the most beautiful and ancient in Sicily, offering a captivating mix of tradition, culture, and entertainment. The event takes place from January 28 to February 13, 2024, and features the participation of allegorical floats, masked groups, and a rich program of events that animate the city streets.

Tickets and Prices Access to the Carnival of Acireale requires an admission ticket, the cost of which varies depending on the days: 6 euros for most days, while on February 11, considered the climax day, the price goes up to 10 euros. Children up to a height of 120 cm enter for free, as well as free entry is provided for the disabled and their companion. Tickets can be purchased both online and at the ticket offices present on the carnival circuit.

How to Arrive

Acireale is easily accessible by car, train, or airplane, thanks to its strategic location on the eastern coast of Sicily, near Catania.

By Car: For those arriving from Catania or Messina, the A18 highway and the SS114 Orientale Sicula are the main access routes, following the signs for the city center. By Train: Acireale station allows easy access to the center with a short taxi or bus ride from the station itself. From Catania, the train journey takes about 10 minutes. By Air: The nearest airport is Catania Fontanarossa, from which you can take a bus to Catania Central Station and then proceed with another AST bus or the train to Acireale.


Accommodation and Services Acireale offers a variety of accommodation solutions, from comfortable hotels to family-run bed & breakfasts, to more exclusive solutions. The city is renowned for its hospitality and the wide range of tourist services available to visitors.

For a visit to the Carnival of Acireale, it is advisable to book accommodation in advance and check the detailed program of events to not miss the main attractions and shows. The city of Acireale, with its baroque architectural beauties, proximity to the sea, and Mount Etna, offers a complete tourist experience, enriched by the magical atmosphere of the Carnival.

For further details on the 2024 Acireale Carnival, you can consult the official website or the tourist guide for information on how to arrive, travel tips, and much more.

The Carnival of Sciacca

carnival sciacca

The Carnival of Sciacca, one of the most vibrant and colorful events in Sicily, takes place over the weekends of February 10-11 and 17-18, 2024. This festival, steeped in local history and tradition, attracts visitors from across the island and beyond, thanks to its unique atmosphere of allegorical floats, music, dances, and, of course, typical Sicilian food.

Tickets and Prices

To participate in the Carnival of Sciacca, non-residents can purchase a daily ticket for €8 or a pass for all four days for €20. Residents and children under 120 cm in height enjoy free entry, as do disabled individuals with an accompanying person.

How to Arrive

Sciacca, located on the southwestern coast of Sicily, is easily accessible by car, train, or bus. For those coming from outside Sicily, the nearest airport is in Palermo, from which you can rent a car or take a bus. The airport of Trapani is also a viable option, especially for low-cost flights. By car, Sciacca can be reached via the A29 highway from Palermo. The nearest train station is in Castelvetrano, from which buses or taxis can take you to Sciacca.


As for lodging, Sciacca offers various options, from seafront boutique hotels to cozy B&Bs in the historic center. Recommended accommodations include the Hibrido Boutique Hotel & Spa, the Garibaldi Relais, and the Domus Maris Relais Boutique Hotel, all known for their excellent services and advantageous locations to enjoy both the Carnival and the city's beauty.


The Carnival begins with a welcome ceremony for Peppe Nappa, the event's official mask, who symbolically receives the city keys. This is followed by parades of allegorical floats and masked groups through the historic center streets, creating an atmosphere of festive joy. Special events for children, such as the "Children's Carnival," feature animations, games, and cartoon characters. The Carnival concludes with the traditional burning of Peppe Nappa, marking the end of the celebrations.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the Sciacca Carnival or contact the organizers directly via email or phone provided on the site.

The Carnival of Misterbianco

carnival misterbianco sicily

Taking place from February 3 to 13, 2024, the Carnival of Misterbianco is one of the most distinctive and fascinating events in Sicily, known for its spectacular parade of the island's most beautiful costumes, masks, and allegorical floats. This historic celebration, deeply rooted in local culture, is a major tourist attraction drawing visitors from all over Italy and abroad, thanks to its unique blend of folklore, tourism, culture, and craftsmanship.

Tickets and Access

Admission to the Carnival of Misterbianco is free, allowing everyone to enjoy the magnificent costume parades, masks, allegorical floats, and various activities scheduled during the event.

How to Arrive

Misterbianco is located at the gates of Catania, making the event easily accessible for both residents and tourists. For those coming from outside Sicily, the nearest airport is in Catania, from which Misterbianco can be reached by bus, train, or rental car. The city is also well-connected by major highways and state roads, making it easily accessible by car from other parts of Sicily and Italy.


For those wishing to stay in Misterbianco or nearby during the Carnival, there are various accommodation options, from hotels to B&Bs, catering to different budgets and needs. It is advisable to book in advance due to the event's popularity.


The Carnival features parades of allegorical floats and traditional costumes, with the active participation of local associations that spend months creating these spectacular outfits and sceneries. The events culminate in the awarding of the best groups and costumes, recognizing the art and creativity that characterize this festival.

In addition to the parades, the Carnival of Misterbianco also includes exhibitions, musical guests such as Gemelli Diversi, and a series of side events that turn the town into a lively center of culture and entertainment during the festive days.

For more detailed information on the program and specific events, it is advisable to visit the official website of the Misterbianco Carnival or dedicated pages on tourist and cultural event sites.

The Carnival of Termini Imerese

carnival termini imerese

The Carnival of Termini Imerese, recognized as one of the oldest in Sicily, returns with four days of festivities that include parades, music, and entertainment for all ages. The celebrations take place on February 4, 10, 11, and 13, featuring free events in Piazza Duomo and paid activities along the Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo.

The program includes the arrival of the Nanni in Piazza Duomo with the delivery of the city keys, followed by parades of walking groups and floats, cabaret shows, concerts, and DJ sets.

Tickets for paid events are available at 5 euros for daily entry or 7 euros for a pass that covers both Saturday, February 10, and Sunday, February 11. Tickets can be purchased online with a 10% surcharge for presale rights, or directly at the ticket offices distributed along the circuit during the event days.

For those coming from outside, Termini Imerese is easily accessible by car, train, or ship, thanks to its strategic location between Palermo and Cefalù. The city offers various accommodation options, from hotels to vacation homes, to meet the needs of all visitors.

For further details on the Carnival of Termini Imerese, including the full program and information on how to arrive and where to stay, visit the event's official website or the dedicated pages on tourism portals.

Sicily, with its rich cultural heritage and vibrant festive tradition, hosts some of the most enchanting Carnivals in Italy, each with its unique peculiarities reflecting the history and customs of the local community. From the baroque and colorful Carnival of Acireale, famous for its allegorical and flowered floats, to the cheerful and popular celebration of Sciacca with its Peppe Nappa, to the Carnival of Misterbianco, known for its haute couture costumes and the "Maschere" tradition, and the ancient Termitano Carnival, which with 'u nannu ca' nanna, offers a spectacle rooted in Sicilian history, these events attract visitors from everywhere, offering moments of pure joy and entertainment.

The Sicilian Carnivals are a vivid expression of the island's creativity and ingenuity, where the art of papier-mâché, the mastery of costume designers, and the passion for music and dance come together to create memorable spectacles. Each city, with its Carnival, tells a unique story, celebrating not only the end of winter and the arrival of spring but also the identity and traditions of that community.

Access to the festivities varies: some cities offer free entry to events and shows, while others require the purchase of a ticket. These events are not just a feast for the eyes but also an opportunity to taste local culinary delights, from grilled sausages to sweet Carnival temptations.

Sicily, through its Carnivals, reveals all its beauty, hospitality, and joie de vivre, inviting Sicilians and tourists to share together the magic of these age-old traditions. Whether it's admiring the magnificent floats of Acireale, dancing to the festive rhythm of Sciacca, marveling at the elegance of the costumes of Misterbianco, or participating in the historic celebration of Termini Imerese, the Carnivals in Sicily offer an unforgettable experience, rich in culture, history, and, above all, fun.

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