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Eastern arches in San Biagio Platani

Starting from April 1st, we are excited to announce the return of our excursions into the heart of Sicily, this year with numerous and thrilling new features. Thanks to the valuable feedback received from our clients over the years, we have refined and improved our Sicanians excursions, ensuring even more memorable experiences.

This year, we are eager to showcase the exceptional flavors of our region. Not only will you have the chance to delight in tastings of local excellences, but you will also experience the authentic daily life of Sicily, far from the usual tourist paths. For food enthusiasts, we have prepared a surprise with numerous tastings, complete meals, all sourced from local, zero-kilometer ingredients, meticulously prepared by locals who honor our traditions with care.

Nature lovers will have a pleasant surprise as we unveil the nearly untouched beauty of the Sicani mountains. This region offers a unique look at pristine landscapes and ecosystems, providing a serene escape into the embrace of nature.

Culture enthusiasts will discover hidden gems scattered throughout the heart of Sicily, revealing aspects of our heritage that truly exceed expectations. From ancient ruins whispering tales of past civilizations to vibrant traditions still alive today, we invite you to discover these treasures with us.

Follow us on a journey through the rich tapestry of Sicilian culture, nature, and cuisine. We promise a range of experiences that not only highlight the beauty and diversity of Sicily but also connect you with the soul of our island. This year, more than ever, we are committed to offering an authentic Sicilian adventure that resonates with the spirit of discovery and the joy of sharing. Stay tuned for an unforgettable exploration of the heart of Sicily, where every moment promises a story, a taste, or a view that will stay with you forever.


In the upcoming posts, we will start discussing various Easter festivities in Sicily. Here's the first for this week.

The Easter traditions in Sicily, particularly the "Archi di Pasqua" in San Biagio Platani and the "Ballu dei Diavoli" in Prizzi, offer a vivid tapestry of local folklore, history, and religious devotion, marking them as unique cultural highlights in the Italian festive calendar.

Archi di Pasqua in San Biagio Platani

The Easter Arches in San Biagio Platani is a tradition steeped in both artistry and competition, dating back to the 18th century. It arises from the rivalry between two brotherhoods, the Madunnara and the Signurara, devoted to the Madonna and Jesus Christ, respectively. In the weeks leading up to Easter, these groups craft elaborate arches and structures using natural materials such as bamboo, willow, and agave, intertwined with citrus fruits, laurel, and notably, bread, symbolizing nourishment and life. These decorations transform the main street into an open-air gallery, a testament to the community's creativity and faith. The climax occurs on Easter day when these arches frame the procession of the resurrected Christ meeting the Madonna, symbolizing joy and renewal

Ballu dei Diavoli in Prizzi

The Dance of the Devils in Prizzi is one of Sicily's most distinctive Easter celebrations, embodying the eternal battle between good and evil. On Easter Sunday, the town is taken over by figures dressed as devils and death, donning vibrant red and yellow costumes. They roam the streets, engaging in playful antics to "capture" the souls of the townsfolk, symbolizing temptation and sin. The climax of this dance occurs when the resurrected Christ and the Virgin Mary meet, signifying the triumph of good, driving the devils away. This theatrical display is not only a form of entertainment but also a deeply symbolic act that reflects the community's faith and cultural heritage.

These events are more than mere celebrations; they are a deep dive into the heart of Sicilian tradition, where faith, folklore, and community spirit are interwoven into a vibrant spectacle. The "Archi di Pasqua" and the "Ballu dei Diavoli" offer a unique glimpse into the Sicilian soul, inviting spectators from around the world to witness the island's rich cultural and spiritual life.

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