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Culinary Tours: Hands-On Sicilian Cooking

Culinary Tours: Hands-On Sicilian Cooking


Dive into the Art of Sicilian Cooking: Join our culinary tours and learn to prepare delicious traditional dishes under the guidance of expert chefs. Discover the secrets of local ingredients, have fun in the kitchen, savor your creations, and take home new culinary skills to share with friends and family.

  • Cooking lessons with local chefs

  • Tastings of typical Sicilian dishes

  • Learning local culinary traditions

  • Visits to markets and local specialty shops

  • Culinary events and tastings

We know that cuisine is a fundamental part of the travel experience, and we strive to offer our customers an authentic and memorable culinary adventure. Our Culinary Journeys in Sicily are designed to introduce local gastronomic traditions, through cooking lessons, tastings of typical products, and visits to traditional markets and restaurants. Our team of experts carefully selects the best culinary experiences and collaborates with local chefs and producers to ensure an authentic and delicious experience. We are at your disposal to assist you in planning and organizing your culinary journey in Sicily, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

For us, this is important!

Explore Sicilian Delights on a Self-Drive Culinary Tour

Experience Sicily through its culinary heritage with an 8-day tour through its tastiest cities.

Explore Sicilian Delights on a Self-Drive Culinary Tour
Explore Sicilian Delights on a Self-Drive Culinary Tour


€ 1,139.00

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These are the benefits we offer to our customers:


We are specialists in travel to Sicily, offering a wide range of products.

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Bookings are flexible and fast


The accommodations are personally selected and special, as well as the various discovery and adventure excursions


We offer unique and unconventional travel ideas, along with a carefully curated selection of products.


Tailor-made trips, exclusive packages, and more


We speak Italian, English, and German

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